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Carnatic Music beginners

Carnatic music Beginners lessons

Sishya is designed for the beginner for practicing Carnatic Music lessons of Sarali Varisai, Janta Varisai, Hechu Sthaayi Varisai, Dhaattu varisai, Geethams and a few Varnams.

It provides a clear visual interface highlighting the currently played note(s) in a different color and showing simultaneously the thaalam action (kriya) along with a bell like sound for the thaalam.


Sishya's features are::

  • Clear graphic interface - enabling easy choice of part to be played and looped.
  • Load the required lesson using the 'Lessons' menu.
  • Music in the tone of Veena of Flute.
  • Use a Sruthi most suitable for student's voice - range (lower octave of) 6.5 kattai (A#) to 6 kattai(A).
  • Find the most convenient Sruthi for the student's voice.
  • Adjustable tempo.
  • Hand gestures showing thaalam actions synchronised with the music.
  • Thaalam sound available - different sounds for clap and for wave and count.
  • Thalam sound volume is adjustable.
  • Background Thamboora Sound with adjustable volume.
  • Choose a part of the lesson and play it repeatedly using 'loop' facility.
  • Sarali Varisais and Geethams are available both with and without gamakam.
  • Varnams in 2 kalams (Except Bhairavi which is in one kalam only. Mohana varnam has Thisra Nadai also).
  • For lessons without gamakam tempo can be changed at will and for others to a limited extent.
  • For lessons without gamakam melam can be changed to enable the student to get mastery of all notes.
  • 3 Modes are available for playing - Normal, Avartham repeat once, Half Avartham repeat followed by full Avartham. Two additional modes for the 'repeat' modes are available with low volume when the music is repeated so that the student's intonation will be clear.
  • Standard type Help with explanation of the screen and other features.
  • The sister program Novice can help in using Sishya for a real novice.
Learn Carnatic Music Lesson Saralevarisai
Learn Carnatic Music Lesson Saralevarisai
Learn Carnatic Music - Lesson Jatiswara
Learn Carnatic Music - Lesson Jatiswara
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