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Each class offered is 8 weeks in length and costs $90-$125. The 1 to 2 hour classes are held once a week. The payment for a class is due in full before the second meeting of a series. Workshops are payable at the 1st meeting. Reservations and pre-enrollment are encouraged as class size is limited.

Learn to play some great classic tunes (folk, country, pop, and rock) while learning accompaniment ideas including rhythms, fingerpicking, transposing (changing the key of a song to better suit your voice, if so desired), note reading, plus some of the fundamentals of music. Learn how to put all of these ideas together to help you make your own arrangement of a song using standard sheet music. Designed for people who are total beginners, and those who have played a little or who want more knowledge concerning accompaniment ideas. Eight classes at a price that can't be beat.

  • Monday, April 18, 7:30-9pm (8 classes) - Gary Mandell - $90

A scaled down version of the adult class including some of those current songs they can't wait to play. Rhythm accompaniment ideas are explored. Individual work with note reading is included to insure a good foundation for the future. Fine 1/2 to full size acoustic guitars (Electrics also) available for sale or to rent. For ages 9-14 years old.

  • Wednesday, April 20, 4-5pm (8 classes) - Gary Mandell - $90

Turn a simple harmonica into an exciting blues & country instrument. Learn playing techniques for single notes, clean tone and intonation, bending notes, vibrato, rhythms, chording effects, and scale formations. Blues progressions, fiddle tunes, plus a new song each week! Taught by the man who recorded with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. Bring a key of C (we've got them if you need them) 10 hole harmonica.

  • Call for Private Instruction at this time

This weekly class will help you extend your vocal range as well as strengthen your voice in general. Learn breathing techniques as well as vocal exercises to improve your vocal stamina and performance ability. Led by a woman with strong performance credentials who studied with one of the masters of vocal technique.

  • Tuesday, April 19, 7-8pm (8 classes) - Sharyn Scott - $120

See workshops below.


Designed for people fresh out of Beginning Guitar or those who want to brush up and improve their playing, and expand their repertoire. Learn fun songs in an assortment of styles, new chords, simple theory, and rhythm and fingerpicking ideas. Flatpicking melodies and an intro to fingerstyle blues is included. Developed with over 35 years of teaching experience by a seasoned arranger and guitarist. Great for songwriters and players. Please note the start date is a week after our other classes.

  • Thursday April 21, 7-8:30pm (8 classes) - Gary Mandell - $100

How to jam the blues as taught by the guru of blues in LA County. Improve your skills on how and what to play with people in small acoustic ensembles. Learn more about backup techniques and rhythms and lead playing ideas. Get practice playing with human beings instead of a computer or tape machine. Open to guitar, harmonica, and bass or ask. An eight week course that's fun and just what the doctor ordered.

  • Wednesday, April 20, 7-8pm (8 Classes) - Bernie Pearl - $100

Bernie Pearl leads an amplified blues jam, open to all instruments. Bernie has played with an array of blues greats, including Big Mama Thornton, Freddie King, Papa John Creach, Lowell Fulson, Big Joe Turner, Otis Rush, B.B. King, and more. He'll share tips and insights on playing ensemble amplified blues gleaned over his 50 years in the blues world. Small amplifiers that only go to 10 please. Eight one hour long class sessions. Class size limited to 10. Such a deal.

  • Wednesday, April 20, 8-9pm (8 Classes) - Bernie Pearl - $100


A five-week workshop that starts at the very beginning! How to hold your uke, tuning, chords, strums, songs, how to create a "groove" and more. No previous musical experience necessary. You will be playing your ukulele and singing along the first day. This class is about making music and having fun in a warm and supportive atmosphere. Five fun weeks.

  • Saturday April 23, 12:30-1:30pm - Cali Rose - $100

More tips and tunes from Cali to help you build your uke repertoire. New chord formations plus rhythms and accompaniment techniques in a new ongoing workshop. A natural follow-up to her beginning workshop and more fun than social media. Four fun weeks.

  • Saturday April 23, 11am -12pm - Cali Rose- $60
Evans and Munde will combine their playing talents and many years of teaching experience in the bluegrass banjo world to present a unique workshop experience. Bill and Alan will cover a range of all important issues for bluegrass banjoists of all levels including, but not limited to Getting Started, Back Up, Creating Solos to Songs, How the Rolls Work, Licks, Classic Banjo Solos, and an open Q & A session to address the participants most pressing concerns. The team taught workshop will be a hands on, let's pick session, so bring your banjo, picks, capo, a stand, and strap. Also bring an audio recorder and, along with the handouts, the attendee will be able take the experience home for many days, months, and years of learning.
P.S. don't miss Alan and Bill tonight in concert, Live at Boulevard Music.
  • Saturday, April 2, 3-5pm - Alan Munde and Bill Evans - $40
Acoustic Groove is designed to show you how to translate the sound and feel of an entire band on to your 6 strings. There is a strong focus on bass lines and how to incorporate these into your chords. You'll learn about how chords work and scales to help you develop interesting bass lines to compliment the style. There are a huge variety of techniques for both you picking and fretting hand
P.S. don't miss Adam tonight in concert, Live at Boulevard Music.
  • Saturday, May 21, 4-6pm - Adam Miller - $35

Private instruction is available from our roster of fine professionals to meet your personal needs. Instruction is available for the following instruments and voice in an assortment of different styles. Quality teachers with years of experience at an affordable rate. Currently we are offering 4 1/2 hour lessons for $120 with most instructors.

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