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Music lessons Wichita KS

Our Education Department is growing, with even more offerings for the student and the adult learner.

Individual Studio Lessons

The core of our service remains the individual studio lessons, taught by our staff of trained and experienced instructors who are accomplished musicians in their respective fields.

Individual lessons are available all year long. We can match you or your student to the most appropriate instructor for your needs.

We offer a spacious, clean environment with free Wi-Fi for those waiting on students during their lessons.

Our recital hall fills with activity at student recitals hosted by our instructors, and at the end-of-class concert for group classes.

Group Classes

We also offer group lessons for certain instruments and instrument groups, and for various age groups. These classes are open for enrollment seasonally; here is our typical calendar schedule:

Class Name Time of Year Age Group
Senseney Strings Fall beginning adult
Ukulele Camp Summer 10 yrs. to adult
Beginning Guitar Camp 8-12 yrs.
Rock Band Class Spring 11-16 yrs.
Rock Band Camp 9-15 yrs.
Adult Group Piano Spring/Fall Adult
Children's Group Piano Children 8-10 yrs.

Sign up for our newsletter (see below) to get detailed information about our start times for group lessons. And, if you see a class that interests you, be sure to contact us to find out more.

Most group classes end with a concert event, where friends and family gather to hear and see the end result of all the students' work.

newborn to 18 mos

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