Voice lessons Nashville TN / Music lessons
Voice Lessons Nashville, TN

Voice lessons Nashville TN

Through a lifetime of singing and performing, Judy Rodman developed professional vocal techniques that brought her critical acclaim and commercial success. She has crystallized her experience into a vocal training method called Power, Path & Performance™.

Judy was named "Best Vocal Coach 2011" by Nashville Music Pros.

Judy's vocal lessons are proven effective, acclaimed by doctors, recording artists, public speakers and music industry professionals. Her teaching strengths include her experience, her understanding of the fine details of the vocal process, her intuition in diagnosing problems and her creative approach to finding solutions.

Strength and clarity in their voice and a relaxed, natural delivery. That's the signature of a recording artist who has trained with voice coach, Judy Rodman. I work with recording artists staging their tours and coaching their live performance and believe me, there is a huge difference between singing a song and being a singer. Judy is that difference. It is more than her wealth of knowledge about how the voice works, it is her unique ability to reach inside an artist and bring out talent beyond technique.
- Diane Kimbrough, Live Performance Coach

Skype lessons

Can't get to Nashville right now? Judy regularly teaches by Skype all over the US and internationally. These are very effective lessons; Judy can diagnose strengths & weaknesses, issues and core causes, suggest vocal technique to fix, protect and optimize the voice. She can also record individualized vocal exercises she gives you through Supertintin software... and then email you the mp3 file.

I've had just one vocal lesson by Skype with Judy Rodman and it was remarkable! I've had a friend comment on the improvement, others talked about the use of technique and how it made me look like I knew my voice well enough to achieve specific sounds. I endorse Judy Rodman as Vocal Coach of the Century.
- Kevin Duke, Christian music artist in Tobago

Who Judy Teaches

People from all over the world come to Judy for singing lessons...including recording artists & entertainers wanting to protect their instruments and take their vocal ability up a level, songwriters wanting to sing better so they can write better melodies, musical theater and advanced classical vocalists desiring more contemporary style. Beginners take lessons for vocal assessment and find voices they never knew they had. Managers, talent agents, producers, and studio engineers regularly send their clients to Judy for vocal lessons before recording their final vocals or sending them on the road. Public speakers, ministers, business people and teachers come to Judy for speaking voice lessons, to maximize communication impact and minimize vocal fatigue and strain.

I just finished a show in Chicago and it went amazing. My voice is feeling stronger than ever, and thats after almost 40 shows in the last month and a half. Judy Rodman's vocal techniques have changed my life.

What Students Learn

Judy teaches proven techniques for breath, open throat, and communication skills. "Master all three areas, which affect each other, " proclaims Ms. Rodman, "and you maximize your vocal potential."

  • Power
    Judy’s students learn to draw controlled vocal power from a feeling of compression centered in the pelvic floor. This is a much lower center than most people sing from, and keeps the singer from squeezing at the diaphragm level of the ribs, minimizing 'overblowing' the vocal cords, limited vocal range and lack of control of pitch and tone.
  • Path
    Judy’s students learn the magic of "pulling" instead of "pushing" words. Pulling words from a hook-shaped "Vocal Path" (a concept developed by vocal coach Jeffrey Allen) results in a flexible, open throat, enabling great vocal control and register blend without vocal cracks and strain.
Your technique of pulling voice is the single most profound and useful thing I've ever learned. I thanked you on the CD credits and would like you to have a copy.
  • Performance
    Judy's physical and psychological approaches to performance coaching are informed by her own extensive performance experience. She knows first-hand what it takes to give unforgettable performances during national network TV appearances & interviews. Her live shows rocked venues from clubs, auditoriums and county fairs to the stadium arenas, enabling her to teach voice with practical application to large stages. She is also understands how to give impact in a small setting such as a house concert or "writer's night". She teaches choirs and musical theater vocalists to perform with precision, articulation, and communication.

Judy has developed ways to alleviate excessive anxiety, yet preserve the spark of excitement in the performance. She specializes in helping a singer "get real" within the song, much like a great actor getting into character.

Judy Rodman is the best vocal instructor for beginners and/or advanced vocalists that I feel music has to offer. With my years and my ears of experience in Christian music, I base this statement on one simple word: RESULTS!
Vocal Lessons | Voice Coach, Teachers, Trainers Nashville
Vocal Lessons | Voice Coach, Teachers, Trainers Nashville ...
Singing Lessons in Nashville, Voice Lessons in Nashville TN
Singing Lessons in Nashville, Voice Lessons in Nashville TN
Miranda Sings Live Show Nashville, TN - Voice Lesson
Miranda Sings Live Show Nashville, TN - Voice Lesson
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